About Us

Originally called Alternatives for Independent Development, Thomas Allen began in 1977 when David Peterman saw the need for programs that would provide people with disabilities the opportunity to live more independently within the community. Dave’s vision eventually led to both the Horizon Apartments opening in West St. Paul, Minnesota and the company’s first Semi Independent Living Services contract with Dakota County. As a program manager at these apartments, James Perron developed a strong relationship with Dave, and as the company grew so did Jim’s role in the company. In 1984, the two men officially became business partners with the common goal of providing residential apartment training/living services to higher functioning adults with developmental disabilities. The following years led to the expansion of services provided to people with a wide range of needs. In 1987, James Thomas Perron and David Allen Peterman changed the name of their partnership to Thomas Allen, Incorporated. Today, Thomas Allen employs over 700 people and provides a wide variety of services to nearly 10,000 individuals throughout Minnesota. By retaining the core values that originally led to the relationship between Jim and Dave, and by continuously adapting to meet changing needs, Thomas Allen has grown into an industry leader centered on the people we serve.