Committed to a positive quality of life

Thomas Allen is committed to providing a positive quality of life experience while affirming each person's right to choose and realize their individual goals including where and how they learn, live, work and socialize. Thomas Allen believes in meeting the changing needs of the individual and the service industry.

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Our Philosophy

Thomas Allen promotes a person-centered approach in the delivery of respectful and responsive services. We are dedicated to assuring that individuals receive the level of support that they need to succeed. We believe our mission is achievable as we emphasize the following objectives:

  • Soliciting and encouraging expression of personal values, goals and dreams.
  • Developing systems that support and encourage meaningful choice, self determination, and improved quality of life.
  • Encouraging family and other natural support systems while promoting full inclusion in community organizations, clubs, activities, neighborhood associations, etc.
  • Maintaining ongoing, positive, open and respectful communication with individuals, families, case management, staff and other involved persons.