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Public Training is an opportunity to provide training on current information relevant to the field of social services. Participants can earn accredited CEUs for their training. These classes are taught by a variety of professionals including certified American Red Cross CPR/1st Aid Instructors, Nurses, Behavior Analysts, Master’s and Ph D level instructors.

All courses are open to the public - space permitting. Please call 651.450.1802 to ensure registration for your requested class. Once openings are confirmed, a registration form and payment must be received at least 2 weeks prior to class date.

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Medication Administration

Take this 4-hour class and learn the DHS requirements for Medication Administration when working with people under 245D licensing who have DD, MI, CP, CD, Physical/Intellectual Disabilities, Age-Related Diagnoses and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Learning Agenda
  • Understand the different types of medications
  • Learn side effects of common medications used
  • Discover comfort medications and their usage
  • Practice medication administration skills
  • Observe, then document in the health progress notes
  • Chart and transcribe medications
  • Document medical appointments, errors, refusals and leaves of absences
  • Use of stock/standing order medications
  • Disposal of medications and schedule II narcotics
  • Current and common abbreviations
  • Pass competency based skills including: case scenario, written and medication passing tests
Public Cost: $80.00 – Call 651.450.1802 for details and space availability. View class schedule.
Adult CPR – American Red Cross Certification

This licensed class includes practical application of skills for people working in social services. Our classes are 2- hour sessions. Participants learn by observing, practicing and demonstrating competency skills when responding to emergencies.

Learning Agenda
  • Checking an injured or ill person and giving care
  • Assessing and positioning the victim*
  • Using Check-Call-Care guidelines
  • Recognizing and responding to cardiac emergencies
  • Identifying and providing care for adults who are choking
  • Assessing and responding to a simulated heart attack*R
  • Assessing and administering Adult CPR
  • Case scenarios used to actuate the learning process*
Public Cost: $65.00 – Call 651.450.1802 for space availability. Adult CPR classes are held tri-annually. Call 651.450.1802 for details and space availability.
Basic 1st AID – American Red Cross Certification

This licensed 2-hour class teaches participants how to respond to emergencies using first aid procedures. Learn to ensure the safety of others by responding effectively to health related issues needing systematic interventions.

Learning Agenda
  • Checking an injured or ill person and giving care
  • Caring for different types of wounds/infection*
  • Controlling severe bleeding
  • Assessing and responding to sudden illness
  • Caring for different types of wounds/infection
  • Responding to Diabetes, Stroke, Seizures, Anaphlaxis, Asthma, Poisoning, Fainting
  • Taking action during heat and cold extremes
  • Preventing and addressing immediate care for the different types of burns
  • Assessing, calling and facilitating support during medical emergencies
  • Identifying and providing care to life-threatening choking emergencies*
  • Recognizing and responding to heart attacks*
  • Responding to muscular/bones/joint emergencies
  • Taking care of head/neck/spine and concussion issues
  • Supporting and encouraging immobilization with fall victims
  • Recognizing and treating people in shock*
  • Case scenarios used to actuate the learning process*

*These areas of expansion added by Thomas Allen instructors for additional support needed when working in the field of social services.

Public Cost $65.00 - First Aid classes are held during the 2nd and 4-1/4 hour of Session I and tri-annually as well. Call 651.450.1802 for space availability.

Session 1 Orientation

Learn the basic framework needed to work with people licensed under DHS 245D regulations. This session prepares participants for working in social services by providing classes needed before working with others under this licensing rule. Whether you are responding to an emergency, engaging in respectful interactions - these topics are your essential guidelines. Participants are taught to empower others with dignity, respect and confidence needed to lead meaningful lives.

Learning Agenda
  • Basic First Aid*
  • HIPAA and MN Government Data Practices*
  • Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults*
  • Maltreatment of Minors* (if needed)
  • Medication Administration Procedures and Skills*
  • Safe Transportation
  • Positive Support Strategies and Emergency Use of Manual Restraint*
  • Competency based test in these * areas
Case Managers, Care Coordinators and Guardian/Conservatorship employees will review additional topics during the Medication Administration portion of Session 1.
Attention Thomas Allen New Employees - Please bring to Session 1: I-9 Eligibility Documents, Proof of Automobile Insurance, Driver's License, Voided Check for Direct Deposit, and current CPR or First Aid certificates from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. Dress comfortably, and bring a snack/lunch/dinner. Snacks and beverages will be served. Soda is available in a vending machine and costs $0.75. Access to a microwave and refrigerator is available.
Public Cost: $120.00 – Call 651.450.1802 for space availability. View class schedule.
Session 2 Orientation

Go beyond the basics and discover the more interesting aspects of your job while working in social services. Realize how to interact with people using person- centered thinking skills and positive approaches. Practice observation skills that help you understand the communication needs of others. Learn how common medical diagnoses impact peoples’ perceptions interactions – then support them in ways that help, guide and assist people. Ascertain skills to de-escalate others and learn protective procedures used during a mental health emergency.

Learning Agenda
  • Signs and Symptoms of Illness
  • Precautions and General Emergency Responses
  • Overview of Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities
  • Positive Behavior Supports, De-Escalation Skills and Physical Protection Alternatives
  • Recipient Rights and Responsibilities
  • Person Centered Service Planning and Delivery of Services
  • Session 2 Competency Test
Public Cost: $130.00 – Call 651.450.1802 for space availability. View class schedule.
Public Training

Designed to provide employees with the knowledge needed to give our clients the best care possible. Thomas Allen hires, recruits, researches, and maintains a core of qualified presenters, who are administrators, psychologists, psychiatrists, Training and Human Resources personnel, entrepreneurs, nurses, and doctors to teach an array of topics..

Contact: Terilyn Malone, Director of Training at or call 651-450-1802.

Meet our Director of Training

Terilyn Malone

Terilyn Malone is the Director of Training at Thomas Allen. Her vast experiences in the field of social services remain extensive. Terilyn has worked in vocational, residential, educational and family settings – helping Families-In-Crisis and serving as a consultant intra-agency. State-wide, other social service providers and families have sought her field expertise as a trainer and/or consultant. Terilyn’s diverse background includes working with others as a SILS/ILS Counselor, Support Service and Program Counselor, EBD Advocate, In-Home Behavior Specialist, WAC Supervisor, Assistant Program Director and Training Analyst. Together with 6 additional instructors, she leads our training division.

Thomas Allen is fortunate to have such an observant, knowledgeable, creative and strategic educator. Terilyn has over 30 years of working with children, adolescents and adults with multilateral challenges such as MI, DD, BI, CP, CD, Physical/Intellectual Disabilities, Age-Related Diagnoses and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.